Friday, 5 March 2010

Nail polish news - OPI Alice in Wonderland & China Glaze Dare to Bare

Look at what I got my hands on!

I finally found the mini set at David Jones, and they had their beauty & cosmetics sale, so it had BUY ME written all over it.

L-R: Abosolutely Alice (blue glitter), Thanks So Muchness (red shimmer), Off with Her Red! (hot red), Mad as a Hatter (black multi-glitter)

Such cute names!

To make up the $75 needed for the discount, I picked up a few goodies from Jurlique since they were doing a GWP with two facial care products.

I ended up getting the eye make up remover & daily exfoliating cream.

Back to the nail polish:
Adorable tiny bottles!!

Thanks So Muchness! So gorgeous! This is only with one coat

CG Bare if you Dare


Humpty Dumpty said...

OMG! i really want that OPI alice in wonderland set :(
i hinted out to my bf to get me it, but i was that stupid to say...stuff it. its too small, i can finish that in no time. he just said, dont get it then.

grr. (i was trying to hint out to get me the normal sized bottles for our next monthly anniversary) but obviously he didnt get the meaning too well. lol.

Anonymous said...

OK that is so cool! OPI is the best!!!! Love.

bowsnhearts said...

Omg! How much did you get the mini set for?

I just got Mad As A Hatter from my bestie in Singapore yesterday and I love itttt! It sparkles so much!

I would love to get Absolutely Alice next...and perhaps some of China Glaze's holos!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, those colours are so pretty! =D


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

I'm loving all this Alice-mania. I've got to get my mitts on that OPI set!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh those are nice!
Btw, where do you buy the China glaze nail polish from and how much is it? The colours are so pretty!

missklicious said...

Humpty Dumpty - Aww, unfortunately I think boys usually don't get "hints" very well. You just have to come out and say it! Haha It would be a fantastic anniversary present though!

prettyprettyyumyum - OPI always makes awesome nailpolish!

bowsnhearts - The mini set is $24.95 at David Jones, I bought it with a slight discount though because of the Beauty & Cosmetics sale that was on that weekend. Ooh, glittery nail polish is so pretty!

allthingsd- Yeah, they are gorgeous!

soph - You should, it's super cute! I love the mini bottles.

Anon - Thanks. I buy my China Glaze nail polish from Pronail Supplies in Bankstown, Sydney. They are $5 each and they stock quite a large range of colours. You should have a look if you're in Sydney!