Saturday, 13 March 2010

Noble Palace - Woden, Canberra

What better way to start a weekend off? Yum Cha of course!

Don't think many of these dishes require introduction.

Some dishes from the regular menu:

Stir fried beef cubes in wasabi sauce

Cold platter of duck tongue and jellyfish

Dumplings galore

Shallot cheung fun

"Sushi" rolls - fish wrapped in seaweed and deep fried

Thai fish cakes

Ham shui gok

Fried dumplings

Stir fried scallops in XO sauce

Flaky egg tarts
28-30 Corinna St, Phillip,
ACT 2606

Yum Cha is only on Sat & Sun + Public Holidays: 10:30am - 3:00pm


juznie said...

urgh, your posts always leave me hungry :P Flaky egg tarts are the best!

Anonymous said...

yummmm, i just went to get some food to eat after scrolling through your page haha

katthroatworld said...

ahhhhhhhh food porn everything looks amazing!

Monica said...

Yummy!! I always look forward to seeing which food outlet you've visited!

Yum cha, Kobe Jones, Choccies from Cacao.. hm... my friends and I were almost about to go there today... but everyone was still full from lunch. :(

Can't wait to see what fashion pieces you'll pick up from the fashion swap event. :)

julie said...

weekend are always good with yum cha :).

Charlie said...

oh that looks amazing! *going to get some food*

Anita said...

mmmmm - dumplings.... mmmm I should get to yum cha more often...

Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

Good Yum Cha places are hard to find. Now I know a good place for it in Canberra. Thanks for sharing.

missklicious said...

juznie - Egg tarts are great. Especially straight out of the oven!

anon - food posts tend to have that kind of effect on me too! hehe

kat- Thanks!

Monica - Aww, thanks! I always want to try so many places, but never have enough space to fill it all. Especially when I spy all these places to go to!

Fashion event was a no-go, as I had a major headache on Saturday and just kinda vegged at home and slept during the day =( So unfortunate!

julie - It's a weekend must-have!

Charlie - Good yum cha always hits the spot.

Anita - Yes! hehe It's a great breakfast/lunch option

Amy - No worries! Let me know how it is if you ever try it out ;)