Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Poporo - Market City, Sydney

Dining on a budget? Poporo is a cheap and cheerful option located on the top floor of Market City, and seems to be a popular choice for students.

The colourful menu

Complete with pictures - which I later found out that the real thing may look nothing like the picture!

The whole restaurant has a very colourful and plastic feel to it

My lychee Calpis drink - yum! I hardly see the lychee flavoured version of this drink anywhere


Salmon aburi and rice - looked nothing like the menu picture, but was still very good! Loved the addition of mayo, as I love mayo with practically everything

Level 3
Market City
9-13 Hay St Haymarket NSW 2000


Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

I've always wanted to visit this place. It looks so interesting. i love salmon sashimi on rice. japanese mayo with it makes it sound even more appetising! yummo

missklicious said...

Amy - It's a great option for quick Japanese food!