Monday, 22 March 2010

Taste of Shanghai - World Square, Sydney

A quick and tasty option to grab a bite to eat after the long bus trip back from Canberra? What better meal than comforting dumplings and noodles?

Heading to Taste of Shanghai, and it was still extremely busy on a Sunday night around 8. Had to wait in line with about 5 other tables before us, but since their turnover is quick, it wasn't much of a wait.

Rockmelon smoothie- one of the many choices of drinks they have on offer

Crabmeat flavoured dumplings

Pork and cabbage pan fried dumplings - I much prefer the plain pork ones I had last time

Xo stir fried noodles with duck - I don't think noodle dishes are their strong point as this was pretty dissapointing, not a hint of xo sauce and minimal shreds of duck

This looked really good on the menu - rockmelon with coconut sago, but it was only ok tasting, could have been a lot sweeter!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

A rockmelon smoothie, eh? Sounds like it could be quite nice...

Chrissy said...


I just want to say I love your blog! I'm new to Canberra and I love reading your food blogs and also your fashion blogs :)

Keep up the great work!

C'est moi, Cecilia ♥ said...

the Rockmelon smoothie = YUM YUM YUM!
thanks darl! :)
haha and yes maybe i will ;) day :p jks! i'll try but i can be a bit of a chicken sometimes when it comes to cute guys :p


missklicious said...

md - It was nice to start with, but I found it was a bit too watery tasting, it could have more rockmelon flavour!

Chrissy - Thanks hun! Welcome to Canberra, how are you finding it? Did you move down for work, or?