Sunday, 14 March 2010

Taste of Sydney - March 2010

I didn't end up making it to Taste of Sydney as planned on Friday night.  Luckily the weather was fantastic today, even though there was a cloudy with a chance of rain forecast. It was fate! So off we headed, bright and early, to Centennial Parklands where we found an amazing parking spot right opposite the festival. Lucky or what?

Waiting eagerly to get into the festival!

Bright and sunny day, perfect for a outdoor food festival!

Pre-purchased Crowns (Taste of Sydney currency) ready to go

First stop - Guillaume at Bennelong

Wagyu beef daube with paris mash - this was amazing! The beef was so tender, it barely needed to be touched to fall apart. I could eat 10 of these!

Becasse's offering - I loved the french accents galore at the Becasse stand, everything sounds good with a french accent

Plan B's Organic grass fed wagyu beef burger - This one wasn't anything special IMO, the regular burger on offer at Plan B is cheaper ($10) bigger, and better

Jonah's at Whale Beach stand

Jonah's vanilla panna cotta with lavender honey and fresh pomegranate

The guy serving me at the Jonah's stand gave this the obligatory wobble before handing it over hehe, I had to follow suit too once I set it down on the table hehe This was amazing! I loved the tart taste of the pomegranate paired with the lovely vanilla bean panna cotta

The cheerfull El Toro Loco stand

Today's special - Paella

Cooking the massive pan of paella

This smelt amazing whilst it was cooking!

Yummy paella with seafood- fresh from the pan

Bird Cow Fish's offering - Braised Cape Grim beef cheek and glazed onion pie in sour cream & puff pastry case, red wine veal jus - the pastry was so flaky, buttery and tasty, with melt in the mouth beef

Bird Cow Fish's dessert - Tiramisu roulade

Chocolate souffle from Becasse

Longrain's dessert

Tapioca pudding with poached jackfruit and lychees- pretty dessert of coconut flavoured tapioca pudding with loads of lychees and jackfruit. I really enjoyed this!

Taste of Sydney, the foodie event of the summer, was held in Sydney this March 11-14, 2010 even bigger and better than last year. Sydney’s top chefs, the finest artisan producers and discerning gourmands will be mingling in the beautiful surrounds of Centennial Parklands.


Agnes said...

Oh wow, you ate some great looking food! And I love doing the panna cotta wobble. Yours was an interesting shape though!

Charlie said...

all of those look sooo good! can´t wait to get to the kitchen tonight :D

Anonymous said...

I have heard amazing things about THAT panna cotta.. looks amazing!


missklicious said...

Agnes - Panna cotta wobble is so much fun! I didn't really notice the shape was any different to their usual!

Charlie - Yum, what's for dinner tonight

debbii - Yes, it's pretty amazing! Can't wait to try the restaurant one day.

Justin said...

i'm not sure if i'd actually eat it because i don't usally like teas and desserts with those little tapioca ball things in them, but the jackfruit and lychee dessert looks really cool

missklicious said...

Justin - I think it looks pretty cool too - the rambutan and the wafer stick jazz it up. I find that tapioca doesn't really taste like anything much at all, but I do like it paired with the coconut flavoured pudding!