Sunday, 18 April 2010

The daily grind - a bit of everything

Not much has really been happening since all I mostly do is work during weekdays. Doesn't leave time for much else!

Since I spend a large proportion of the day in the office, it's always nice to soak up what's left of the Sydney sunshine on my lunch break.  I work at the Bankstown airport so it's interesting to sit outside and watch the planes take off and fly around.

Such a beautiful day

I'm really loving my new MAC English Accents gloss - it looks darker in the bottle, but turns out to be a really nice and glossy lightish pink. Really happy with my purchase!!

My latest Alannah Hill purchase

Love the bow pockets *swoon*

Check out the pretty lining!

I heart scarves - it's such an easy way to brighten up any old outfit

My newly purchased jacket taken for a spin

Two toned tights - not sure if I like or hate these, wore them the other day, and felt self concious half way through the day, like everyone was looking at my legs (in a bad way!)

Did a bit of late night window shopping on Friday, and man is there some gorgeous stuff out right now. Beautiful leather jackets and I'm loving the embellished shoulder trend. Cohen et Sabine and Natasha have some fantastic stuff!

Natasha dress with really nice beaded shoulders - I want!

And looky what came in the mail - the new Entertainment Book! Gee, time flies doesn't it? I'm determined to eat my way through more of the book this time, as my last book is still mostly untouched except for a few vouchers and fine dining restaurants.


bowsnhearts said...

I love the English Accent gloss on you too!!!

Alannah Hill does the prettiest lining, doesn't she? I love the bow details on the jacket.

I can't wait until I have worked long enough to get promoted to a level where I can afford her clothes easily!

I am sort of like you now as well...I spend most of my day at work...when I come home, it's all about cleaning and cooking! I don't have enough time for myself! Arg!

Anonymous said...

I like your taste :D Those are really pretty clothes!

missklicious said...

bowsnhearts - Thank you! The gloss is really such a lovely colour. I was surprised because of the way it looks in the bottle and swatched on my hand.

Alannah Hill makes the most gorgeous things!

Hopefully you will get promoted soon. More money for clothes and other pretty things is always a plus!

Anon - Thanks so much!

Audrey Allure said...

Love the jacket, the lining is adorable. It looks gorgeous on you!