Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Indulgence # 2 - The Cupcake Bakery

Another post in the Easter spirit (aka an excuse to pig out!)

Yummy cupcakes with cute easter toppings at The Cupcake Bakery

My only gripe is that I don't like how they put their cupcakes in a bag instead of a box like other places, it always means that my cupcakes get squashed and the icing tends to go everywhere!

Vanilla strawberry & vanilla choc cupcakes

For some reason, the lady serving me decided to give me two plain cupcakes instead of the Easter themed ones, she even purposely reached out to the front and picked them out, so it wasn't a convenience thing. Not sure why... Hmm, nevertheless, they were still yummy! 


katthroatworld said...

omg. me want. asdklfjadsljk ahh!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

These are my favourite cupcakes! Ask for a box next time for they do have them - for 4 cupcakes as well as single purchases.