Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hunter Valley Pt 3 - Food Heaven

The Hunter Valley is a food lover's paradise, with more restaurants and amazing little shops than you can poke a stick at. Luckily they were mostly all open, even though it was Good Friday, where most shops tend to close.

Smelly Cheese Shop - love the straightforward name! Cheese heaven. I wanted to lug home kilos of cheesy goodness, but since we were staying in a hotel with minimal fridge space, I had to hold myself back.

Lunch was just a quick cafe stop:

Chicken pot pie

Coconut battered prawn salad

Goodies at the smelly cheese shop

From the chocolate shop:

My haul - including pineapple ganache, cherry & more.. yum!


Pham Xan said...

yummmm! it reminds me of the chocolate nougat ive eaten LOL

Justin said...

ha, smelly cheese shop. that's a great name.