Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hunter Valley Trip Part 1

The weather forecast was not looking favourable for the Easter long weekend. Predictions of rain and cloud were strewn across the various weather broadcasts. Luckily they were wrong! For those not from Australia, The Hunter Valley is a well known wine region just a few hours north of Sydney.

Gorgeous skies for a Hunter Valley day trip - it was just perfect! Not too sunny, blue skies and no rain

The first of many wine tastings! Savannah Estate

Not a big wine drinker, but ended up buying a bottle of sparkling Moscato from here (girly wine!)

Kelman winery

Loved the decorations they had going on - this one's a bottle opener I think, an old school one?

Gorgeous and quirky paintings they had inside the cellar door

Buying wine at the cellar door

Drayton's Family Wines

In the wine tasting room - old wine bottles

Old wine contraption 

Wines galore


Pretty scenery - even though the vines are bare this time of the year

Red roses at the front of the vines - as a safeguard to any potential danger to the vines from pests (as I learnt!)

This was a gorgeous winery with beautiful views outside - they had plenty of samples of yummy flavoured olive oils, olives and relishes inside as well

Tintilla's most popular feature - always up for a cuddle and tummy rub, such a cutie!

To be continued...


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Fantastic photos! Looks like an amazing trip. Can't wait for part 2 :)

Charlie said...

looks like a lovely trip! nice photos. the dog is the cutest thing... ^^

Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

Lovely pics. I really like flower photos and I am prone to standing in the one spot taking a million pics of the same flower. re

missklicious said...

soph - Thanks lovely! It's a great place for a mini getaway

Charlie - the dog was so adorable! very keen for a pat and cuddle from everyone

Amy - flowers always make for pretty photos!

juznie said...

Oh for a getaway like that, so nice! and that dog is adorable :)

panda said...

looks like you had a relaxing weekend away! and omg, i love that dog!!!

Betty said...

oooh u went to hunter how beautiful is it there hey?!?! :O)

reeta said...

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