Tuesday, 27 April 2010

It's getting cold!

It's time to dig out the winter jackets, unfortunately, after all this lovely unusually warm for this time of the year weather. Goodbye sitting outside and soaking up the sunshine during lunchtime!

Hello, pretty winter coats. Love my AH coats - this pink one is a oldie but a goodie!

Stocking up on an assortment of colourful tights from Forever New

Off on a tagent here, but I'm really loving embellished tights at the moment - I think they are so pretty, but would look terrible on me.
A really easy to DIY trend I think and I love seeing people's different creations

Sretsis Forget me not leggings from Revolve

Meanwhile, I think I really need to start getting to the gym. I've almost finished that block of Haigh's white chocolate and strawberry. I'm terrible. I will start showing some restraint... tomorrow. Seriously! 


panda said...

i know! what's with the sudden change of weather? you've got in early and stocked up on coloured tights! that's my plan for tomorrow ;)

juznie said...

I loooove your AH coat! All of their coats are divine...

Amy Antlers said...

That coat is to die for. I'm loving this cooler weather and being able to grab out all my winter gear!


chocolatesuze said...

oh gawd every since you mentioned the white choc and strawberry from haighs ive been dying to go to the city to buy some!

Audrey Allure said...

Such a cute coat & love the tights!

foodwink said...

*shivers* Autumn has finally arrived! Lovely jacket. Your post reminds me to check out the new FN store in the CBD.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Cute coat! :D I love cream coloured coats, they always feel so old world elegant! :D

missklicious said...

panda - I know, it's gone from nice, warm and sunny to cold in the matter of days! How did you go with the tights shopping? There's a few good sales on at the moment.

juznie - They have the nicest coats at AH, I've got my eye on quite a few. I love the pretty details!

Amy Antlers - Winter is great for pretty coats and layering

chocolate suze - Haha Suze, It was so addictive! I couldn't help but finish the whole block in a few days

Audrey Allure - Nice coats and tights are such a easy way to dress up a bit!

foodwink - you should definitely check out the Forever New at Mid City, I think it's one of the nicer stores

NQN - Agreed! My messy eating habits don't always agree with light coloured coats though!