Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Kabuki Shoroku - Clarence St, Sydney

I think I've found another new favourite Japanese restaurant.  Kabuki Shoroku is tucked away in the St Martins building and has a mainly business clientele from first glance. After walking past this during my training in the same building, I remembered reading a great review on grab your fork, and noted down that I'd have to visit soon.

They have really nice Japanese decor, and a sushi bar with the cutest old man sushi chef
My drink amidst the bamboo
Looking through the menu - on the wagyu page mmmm

Here comes the sushi.  I had sushi envy as I saw beautiful platters of sushi being taken out for the businessmen on the table next to us, but my salmon & avocado roll was very good too. The sushi is amazingly presented and the sushi chef really takes his time and effort in perfecting it.
Kushiage platter - this had asparugus, 2 prawns, pork, quail eggs & whiting - this was great too - the prawns were so fresh, the asparagus was massive but so juicy and tender (if that word can be used for asparagus!)
Teriyaki chicken - I loved the neat presentation of this!

Wagyu on hot rock
Mouthwatering plate of beef

Sizzle sizzle


The staff were super polite and nice, taking time to explain everything that they brought to the table and asking how everything was after each dish. It's hard not to like this place!

202 Clarence St

Sydney NSW 2000
ph: (02) 9267 4552


panda said...

oh wow...wagyu on hot rock! i want!!

missklicious said...

panda - You should go try it! I wish the serving was bigger though lol *greedy*

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I haven't been back here for a few years but loved it when I was there, esp having the sukiyaki prepared in front of us.