Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My Ulta3 haul

After reading super rave reviews on the Vogue Forums about this cheap as chips nail polish, I decided I needed some in my life.  Hunting in the City lead to no discoveries, except for Pulse pharmacy which had a small range for $2.50 (RRP is $2) so I gave up the search.

It's always when your not looking that you find it, isn't it? Grocery shopping at the local shopping centre and I spotted the Ulta3 stand outside with a massive range of colours. Woohoo! I dug around like a madwoman and had so much trouble deciding from all the gorgeous colours. And at $2 a pop, you can afford to go a little crazy, right?

Watermelon, Plum Violet, Bo Beep, Pink Colada

Elegant Mauve, Sweet Violet, Spring Shower, Spring Fling

Black Plum, Purple Passion, Pearly Grape, Tropez

Can't wait to play with them all and see how they are!


mashi said...

I love black plum!

You're right! At $2 a pop, it's fun to experiment.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Nice colours there! Can't wait to find out what you thnk of them! :D

Little A. said...

Love it! Ulta3 is the best :)

juznie said...

Wow, I had no idea Ulta3 are $2 each! Time to go treasure hunting...

tangerine eats said...

Love the look of Spring Fling. I'm loving beige, peachy and pale colours right now :)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

That's a bit of a haul you have there! =p

missklicious said...

mashi - Black plum looks like such a good colour for winter. And $2 is such a bargain compared to the regular prices (OPI anyone?)

Lorraine - I will try to get through them as quick as I can! One down... 11 more to go! Haha

Little A - I'm a late discoverer of the brand!

juznie - So cheap, isn't it? I was surprised too as I used to remember the bargain bin polishes outside pharmacies back in the day when I was in primary school were around $2 anyway!

tangerine eats - I love pale colours too, hopefully Spring Fling looks just as good as in the bottle!

md - I know *hangs head in shame* I think I went a bit overboard!