Monday, 12 April 2010

A post to sweeten up Monday from The Flute Bakery - Fyshwick, Canberra

I'm sure you are all well and truly over my numerous posts on my treats from The Flute Bakery. I'm afraid I'm a creature of habit, and will tend to visit the places I love, over and over again. 

This time, I'm visiting for a mission. It was my day off last Friday as I had a dentist appointment, catching the plane down to Canberra the night before. So off we went to buy a cake for my dad's birthday, and took the fantastic opportunity to add breakfast into the mix.
Arrived nice and early!

Pretty cake selections

Yummy breads and pastries - everything looks so beautiful and untouched because we were one of the first people there in the morning!

Macarons. Love.

Apricot danish - this was fantastic, the apricot was fresh and the pastry so crispy and good. Ooh yeah. 

Honey + macadamia brioche

My hot chocolate

Pretty colours- which ones to choose? 

I think I have an unhealthy obsession with patisseries

My macaron selection - the yellow one is passionfruit, white one was vanilla and bay leaf (?) and purple was honey and something-a-rather, darn my poor memory!

Beignet filled with custard 

Petit fours

And the reason why we came to the bakery in the first place (even though we got a bit side tracked!):


Wild strawberry mousse cake


mashi said...

the cakes look fantastic.

I love the macaron shot! The colours are so pretty! A little too pretty to eat x

Pham Xan said...

the cakes looks yummy! very cute!

katthroatworld said...

ughh. why do i insist on looking at your blog when i'm hungry this early in the morning? alksdjfkajsd everything looks delish!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Mmm all of that pastry goodness! How wonderful! And I've always wanted to try beignets! :D

foodwink said...

Ditto on the patisserie obsession :D Thanks for sharing - I'll make an effort to visit The Flute the next time I'm in Canberra.

Monica said...

Oooh yum! Looking at all the delicious cakes and pastries is making me hungry...

I woke up at 630am to do my online testing that was due at 9am... OK, now it's a good time to make some yummy breakfast.

Have a lovely day! :)

Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

I'd wake up early for that! I have a serious love for pastries too :) And your dad's cake looks ginormous! Yum!

SK said...

So many sensational treats!

missklicious said...

mashi - Rows of macarons in various colours always look so pretty and appealing, don't they?

Pham Xan - They were really delicious!

kat - Hahaha, I always tend to do that when I'm hungry too, and then I get even more hungry!

Lorraine - It's definitely pastry heaven there, and the beignet was good!

foodwink - No worries! It's a fantastic place

Monica - yay for yummy breakfasts! Thank you =)

Betty - It was worth waking up early, and I went back to sleep after anyway. Haha

SK - Indeed!

Anonymous said...

You got me at macarons... *swoons*