Saturday, 29 May 2010

Azuma Kushiyaki - Regent Place, Sydney

It's been an Azuma party lately. Last week it was the original restaurant at Chifley Square, and this week it's the sister restaurant, over at Regent Place, Azuma Kushiyaki. 

Walked in on a Thursday night, without a booking, and had to wait for a table to become free, as it was quite busy.

20 bottles of sake on the wall... 

They had this Himalayan salt for sale everywhere, I forgot to try it on my food though. It looked interesting though, and it was pink!

Grape-hi shochu - tasted like grape calpis soda with a tiny hint of alcohol

Can't go to Azuma Kushiyaki without getting kushiyaki, right? A great way to sample a bit of everything is the 

Small dishes - miso cod, nice, but I wish there was more of it... (can't complain though, since it is a small dish after all!)

Wagyu beef - I loved this version much more than the Azuma Chifley Square counterpart, such tender beef and loved the garlic sauce

Tempura prawn with udon - I wish they'd put the tempura seperate, instead of serving it in the soup - sog city!


I initially wanted to go next door to the patisserie for dessert, but since it was quite late, the choices weren't that plentiful, and then I decided I felt like some ice cream, hence the trip to Passionflower.

Super duper brownie - white chocolate, hazelnut & choc mud ice creams with fudge sauce and brownie goodness - unfortunately the brownies weren't that great as they were a bit hard, the ice creams were good though! 


Lily said...

ice cream looks like love!!

Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

I love eating at azumi. its always great there. the wagyu steak is awesome!

Pham Xan said...

everything looks so delicious!<3 the ice cream looks fab!

Charlie said...

that looks so good!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Ooohhh, haven't had that Passionflower brownie sundae for ages! But agree that the brownies vary from time to time...

missklicious said...

Lily - icecream is always yum in any form =P

Amy - The wagyu steak was so awesome!

Pham Xan - It was a great feed

Charlie - It tasted good too!

md - It would be so good with nice brownies!