Monday, 24 May 2010

Cure for Mondayitis again (for the hundreth time!)

Fact. Weekends disappear in the blink of an eye, whilst weekdays drag on forever.

It's Monday again (blah) and here's another excuse to post up delicious sweet treats, and wishing the week would fast forward to another sweet, sweet weekend.

Pretty in pink and hearts display at Cupcakes on Pitt

Cakes at Guylian Cafe

My beautiful box of cakey goodness

Cakes - too pretty to eat (but I will anyway! yum)

Cute snacks from Maruya

With different faces! hehe


chocolatesuze said...

hee that top left panda with no ear is so cute! was it a chocolate biscuit?

Yuki said...

heart heart the panda biscuits!

AY said...

haha, totally understand the need to cure mondayitis so many times. :P and what better way then with sweet goodness? yuuum!

missklicious said...

suze - Not sure what happened to the poor panda's ear! It's a biscuit with strawberry chocolate on the top (face) layer

Yuki - They were so cute!

AY - I know. I need a cure everytime Monday comes around =P Any excuse for sweet treats hehe

panda said...

i saw these panda biscuits yesterday and bought myself a pack - they're too cute to eat!!

May @ Rad said...

I didn't know that Guylian has a cafe! :0 pretty exciting. hehehe.. I tried the cute panda snacks before but it was in chocolate (was a gift from a friend when he just got back from vacation). =)