Monday, 17 May 2010

Forever New flower haul

Note to self: To stop impulse buying, avoid window shopping...

Especially at Forever New as it can be dangerous!

This time I had my eye on their costume jewellry - they always have really affordable and tempting options!

Earrings & rings haul

Continuing my obsession with flower statement rings - this one is a light brown/taupe colour (it says peach on the description though, but doesn't look it to me)

Love the shiny stones in different colours

Another flower cocktail ring - this one is a gorgeous pink colour and more flat and wide than the above one

Cute bow earrings - excuse the blurry photo! I've been playing with my neglected Canon 50mm lense, and didn't quite have the hang of it yet! These are the same colour as the ring in the first picture - the light brown/taupe/peach colour.

Flower hoops - don't normally wear hoops, but I thought these were pretty, and plus I was just grabbing anything that caught my eye at this point since I was in the midst of it!

These are actually the first pair I grabbed - gorgeous heart shaped petal flower earrings

I had to tear myself away from the constume jewellery stand, as everything there is so pretty - I would probably buy them all if left to my own devices! They also had some cute berets, scarves and gloves on sale - 2 for $30. But luckily none really caught my eye *phew*


Charlie said...

such pretty jewellery!

juznie said...

Nice selection :)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

An excellent haul! So feminine in soft colours that would go excellently with your Alannah Hill stuff =)

foodwink said...

All good buys - I like the flower ring :D

panda said...

hahah..i think i'll duck into forever new on my lunch break tomorrow ;)

missklicious said...

@Charlie - Forever New is a great store with lots of tempting pretty things!

@juznie - Thanks! It was hard to choose from all the lovely things though.

@md - It would go well with Alannah Hill, the same sort of theme (I have way too much AH stuff!)

!foodwink - Thanks! Judging from my choices, I have a thing for flower rings

@panda - How'd the lunch break shopping go? I wish I could go shopping in my lunch break! (that'd probably be a bad thing though)