Sunday, 23 May 2010

Nail polish lemming - OPI Shrek

I'm a sucker for products tied in to a character or movie that I love (Hello Kitty for MAC anyone?)

Shrek for OPI seems like a bit of an odd theme for a beauty related product since they are ogres after all, but I think it's quite a bright, fun and cute collection - I probably wouldn't wear the greens though, but what's a Shrek collection without some green?

From left to right:
  • Ogre-the-Top Blue - The biggest, bestest bright blue ever!
  • Funky dunkey - What could be more fun than this dark purple?
  • Who the Shrek Are You? - A brilliant green that stands up for itself
  • What’s with the Cattitude? - A moody light blue that’s really a pussycat
  • Rumple’s Wiggin’ - And this lavender is “hair” to stay!
  • Fiercely Fiona - Don’t mess with this empowered light green
I especially love the look of Rumple's Wiggin', such a gorgeous light lavender shade (but then again, I'm a sucker for anything lilac/lavender) and What's with the Cattitude. Fiercy Fiona looks interesting too, would like to see how it goes on in real life.

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panda said...

have you seen the alice in wonderland range? they're quite pretty too!