Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ulta3 Sweet Violet

The following pictures don't really do this polish justice, I think. It definitely looks nicer in real life, and after wearing it a few times, it's one of my new favourite shades.

It's such a gorgeous shimmery metallic grey shade with a hint of purple

The perfect winter shade

It goes on well, and I put 2 coats - I found that it did chip and flake more easily than the other Ulta3's I've tried. Not sure if it's just my batch, or just the Sweet Violet formula in general, but I'll pop a top coat on the next time I wear it.


juznie said...

Pretty colour! Another one to add to the list.

panda said...

you are good with your nail polish - i've been buying a few and have yet to get round to trying them all!


pretty! :)

Audrey Allure said...

It's a pretty color :)

missklicious said...

@juznie - It's a really nice colour, something different from the usual

@panda - I try and get out of my lazy stage (ie curl up in bed and watch tv) but I probably only paint my nails about once a week

@Chaigyaru - Thanks for the comment!

@Audrey - it's a gorgeous colour!