Friday, 18 June 2010

Ulta3 Eighties Fuchsia

Ulta3 Eighties Fuchsia is a strange one! When I first put it on, it appeared to be a nice pink, quite bright - a bit like OPI Don't Know, Beets me, which is the only comparison that springs to mind at the moment.

The dried polish is a different story though, it dries to a matte finish, and the colour changes to an almost neon like pink. It takes a while to grow on me.

These pictures were taken just after I put the polish on, but in real life, the colour is a darker fuchsia, and brighter


C'est moi, Cecilia ♥ said...

oooh changing nail polish, i have this polish but i'm yet to try it. but the changing nature is quite odd but interesting! :) might give it a go sometime.

it looks nice on you lovely :)

Aney said...

Oh, I love this colour! It really tempts me to make more spring/summer nail colour purchases! I just purchased a coral pink one from Essie and I love it!

trishie said...

Guess what? I have that very same nail polish, i got it from the chemist. i use the colour on my toes, looks good esp in summer!

Just letting you know that I'm hosting a giveaway, i hope you enter:

missklicious said...

Cecilia - It is pretty strange, but Ulta3 is good anyway because it's only $2, not a big issue if it's not nice!

Aney - So jealous! We are currently in Winter over here in Aus

trishie - Awesome! It looks like it's a great colour for toes