Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ulta3 Lollypop Lilac

Here is another Ulta3 post, and I still have what feels like a million more to try out! This one is the lovely named Lollypop Lilac.

It looked nice enough in the bottle, a shimmery foil with a hint of lilac through it

It looks gorgeous on, major wow factor! 

Excuse the chunky fingers - the colour actually looks lighter in real life than on my camera


juznie said...

Lollypop lilac is one of my faves, it reminds me of the foil on the Easter egg wrapper.

Charlie said...

lovely colour! so glam.

missklicious said...

juznie - You're right! It does have that foil look about it.

Charlie - Agreed. It's really nice <3

Ladybird said...

Great shade. Would look great with dark clothes :)