Thursday, 8 July 2010

This is what happens when you go window shopping

You end up with more things on your 'wanted' list, such as these pretty Salvatore Ferragamo flats I spotted at David Jones.  There was also a really nice lighter purple pair too, and it was already the last pair in store :(  I can't justify non-sale Australian RRP prices though, but they sell out even before then, so guess I'll keep dreaming for now.
Love love love the colour. I'm such a purple fiend.

I didn't buy anything though (how restrained!) bar some cupcakes, lunch for tomorrow (because I'm sick of the grease-o-rama they sell at the only food place near my work)

Plans for the weekend:

Friday night - chill out, read the books and magazines I've bought lately, paint my nails etc
Saturday - I'm hoping to have a nosey at a few fabric stores and see what I can find, and in the evening I have a booking at Etch. SO EXCITED! Maybe fit in a yum cha, or high tea session during the day
Sunday - Mundane grocery shopping type stuff & play newly bought Mario Galaxy 2, woohoo! 


Charlie said...

really pretty shoes. bet the price isn´t as pretty though ;)

sound like saturday is going to be a great day for you! and the day you post the pictures (?) will be a great day for us ^^

jaylee said...

like the shoes! $$$ bad..

missklicious said...

Charlie - Awww thanks, you are too sweet!

And yes, the shoes are sooo pretty. I love the colour, and want them!

jaylee - I know, I think I might try and source a pair overseas, or just wait and try and track down a pair when they go on sale (almost impossible)

juznie said...

Oh man, those Varinas ... that colour!