Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Toscani's - Parramatta, Sydney

After a quick option after a bit of late night shopping, Toscani's is a good option location wise - a swift escape from the bitterly cold wind.

Decisions are made quickly

Grapefruit tiro for moi - I love grapefruit flavoured drinks

Fettucini cabonara - a very hearty serving, however they use the same garnish for what seems like every single dish

Potato wedges with sweet chilli & sour cream - can't go wrong with these

Chicken Toscani - this was my dish and boy, was it disappointing, the sauce had way too much mustard and was just plain strange, I ate about 2 pieces of chicken, and the vegetables, and then I gave up

A convenient location in Parramatta, but food was average, and quite pricey for cafe fare.

Toscani's Cafe Bar & Restaurant
159/175 Church St, Parramatta 
Ph: (02) 9891 4978


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Toscani either =/

You should put up a list of your favourite restaurants because you seem to know so many places!

SK said...

The pasta looks very plain unfortunately.

Popcorn said...

Those potatoes wedges looks great. hehehe

I love french fries!

missklicious said...

Anon - Yeah, Toscani's = Major fail, I could get a better meal at the local pub for less than half the price! I felt quite ripped off.

I should make a list of my fave restaurants, even though I haven't nearly as much as all the food bloggers! I'm still eating my way a long list of 'must try' places =)

SK - It doesn't look the best, does it? Especially that garnish. Eeek

Popcorn - I lurve potato wedges, they are awesome, and you really can't go wrong when you order them! (with sweet chilli and sour cream)