Sunday, 25 July 2010

Weekend in the Berra - Brekkie & Outfits

Landed in Canberra on a chilly Friday night, a few hours late due to a plane delay (seems to be quite common!)

Was very tired and extremely looking forward to a nice sleep in and a lovely breakfast at my favourite cafe in the morning:

Beess & Co

Half serving of spanish omelette & chorizo - love how they plate up the servings when you share, as I've mentioned before

A delicious and healthy concoction of watermelon, apple & cranberry

Saturday outfit

Alannah Hill cardi
Portman's pale yellow tank
Sretsis flora skirt in the peach colourway
Black opaques

A better view of the cardi - definitely one of my faves!

Sunday outfit - my $10 top from Portmans is taking for a Yum Cha outing

Winterfied outfit, with a black leather jacket + Burberry scarf

I have tomorrow off too, so it's an extended weekend for me, and a short working week, Hurrah!


juznie said...

Beautiful outfits! Especially the first one with the lovely colour combination.

Marjorie said...

The saturday outfit is really cute!

missklicious said...

juznie - Thanks! I think brighter colours really brighten up winter outfits!

Majorie - Thank you =)