Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Crazy day calls for cupcakes

Gosh, it's been a crazy day. You know the day, where you've been so busy with work and meetings that at lunch time you only manage to eat a piece of fruit and shovel a hand full of nuts before you've gotta get going again.

Yes, it was one of those days, and I was dreaming about all things delicious by mid-afternoon.

This haul is from a recent trip to Chatswood

I couldn't resist as I spotted a few new flavours I hadn't previously seen

Carrot cake - This was really yummy, moist and I love cream cheese icing, so it was a winner for me!

Raspberry - Lovely cupcake, but the fake raspberry tasting buttercream(?) icing wasn't that nice, I would have preferred a fresh raspberry on the top too. 


Chocolate brownie

Cherry ripe

Here's for a speedy rest of the week. Bring on the weekend!


Fiona said...

Ooh I do love good cream cheese icing

Anonymous said...

ohh cherry ripe looks great

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Yes, um, the raspberry does look a little pinked-up there!

annoiii said...

Yum! Now I feel like running to the cupcake store and buying some!

Justin said...

those are some really amazing-looking cupcakes, i have to say


that looks freakin' delish omfg!!!

missklicious said...

Fiona - I think cream cheese icing has to be my fave!

Jess - It was nice, but the cherry ripe piece was a 'fake' haha I could taste the difference

md - mmmm artificial

annoii - I'd love to see some pics hehe =)

Justin - They are pretty cool, I think I like looking at them more than the actual eating part lol

DICTASHION - cupcakes are the bomb!