Thursday, 12 August 2010

I has cherry pie

From Pie Face


Mmmm cherry

A present from my mum - a sparkly Swarovski pen - love the bling crystals!

As you can tell from this post, it's been a slow news week, nothing much exciting is happening, as I'm trying to save a bit of cash for my upcoming trip overseas. 3 weeks to go! 

I've booked the Shangri-la in Singapore, and it looks really nice, so I'm SO excited! Just need to plan the itinerary now (Singapore Zoo, shopping trips, Sentosa etc)


Ms Curious @ CCM said...

Oh I didn't know about the cherry pies! Will check it out tomorrow as there is a Pie Face close to work.

Enjoy your trip!

Fiona said...

Haven't tried Pie Face yet. Maybe next time I'm a woden

Diya said...

ah the pie face looks so adorable!!!! made me smile but I would be sad to bite into it...