Tuesday, 3 August 2010

It's great to be home!

I'm in Canberra for this whole week as I'm here for work on Wednesday and Thursday, and having a day off on Friday, so it's great - It's still quite chilly compared to the warmer weather we've been experiencing in Sydney, but oh well! 

Plenty of things to get done:

I've booked flights for my upcoming trip to Singapore and Hong Kong (which is a massive *PHEW* because it was starting to stress me out a bit) so if anyone has any Singapore recommendations on hotels, what to do, what to see, where to shop etc PLEASE send them my way. Thanks! I plan to spend 3 nights there. I want to go to Universal Studios, Orchard Road, Vivocity, maybe check out Marina Sands... it all seems quite close, which is good!

I have a thing for flipping through cooking mags and never making anything - maybe I'll get a chance this week since I have a day off! I had a lovely magazine marathon with a block of Haigh's white choc and strawberry.

One thing I love about coming home is a chance to visit Koko Black:

Winter menu

My very rich and nice hazelnut hot chocolate (winter menu)

And a Winter Belgian spoil - with some delicious pistachio tea cake, shortbread and nougat

Chocolate mousse with pistachio & leatherwood honey icecream (my fave!)

I really need to put my tax through.  I'm getting a return, but I'm still so lazy to lodge it! I've completed most of it, but just gotta check it first... 


Lily said...

arghhh hahah u have no idea how hungry i get every time i click on ur blog! now i'm gona go dig for chocolate!!!

I just put my tax in the other day, i can't wit till the moolah comes back :D

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

This post is making me rather hungry for chocolate now! :P

juznie said...

Oh Koko Black! So hungry for chocolate now