Friday, 6 August 2010

A lovely day off - My Favourite Canberra Eats

I had the day off today, and it was a great day of relaxing, and getting a few things done that I normally don't have the time to do.

A trip to breakfast at the Flute Bakery was in order:

Delicious selection of pastries and bread

Pumpkin, asparagus and sweetcorn quiche - I love this to pieces, cooked to perfection with yummy chunks of sweet pumpkin, SO GOOD!

Apricot danish

Hot chocolate to wash it down

And because I was continuing the trend of visiting favourite places, next up on the list was Beess & Co. Parking was terrible (damn you Friday lunch time crowd!) and the place was booked out.  We managed to get a seat on the squashed bench in the corner. 

Orange, watermelon and ginger juice - I'm not usually a fan of ginger, but this was really refreshing

My beloved eye fillet medallions with mash and winter vegies - Oh, how I've missed this dish! I think it's only on the winter menu, so I haven't been able to order it since last year...

Still as good as ever

This little beauty was on the specials board, and was equally as fantastic! Chermoulata chicken with sweet potato mash and sweet chilli jam

Too bad it's only on the specials menu, because it was amazing!


Anonymous said...

That quiche looks so yum,fyshwick seems like such a random place to have an awesome bakery

missklicious said...

jess - I know what you mean! haha, with most people it's like "what were you doing in fyshwick?" and disbelief when you mention a bakery, since fyshwick is known for more seedy places!

The quiche was really good!