Monday, 9 August 2010

Macaron Mondays

It's back to work after an extended 'break' at home. Things are bound to get ugly, and hopefully, unlike last week, this Monday my brain will stick around and function properly!

To ease into things, macarons are a tasty help:

These babies are from The Flute Bakery in Fyshwick (I've blogged about them heaps before!)

Chocolate & cherry



And my favourite - Raspberry and vanilla

Quad shot

Happy Mondays everyone!


Anonymous said...

Yum those look tasty!

Just a question, and it is okay if you don't want to answer, but since you mention about your work, what job do you do? I'm just curious xD

Lily said...

arghhhh soooo getting some tomorrow!!!

Golden said...

They look so yummy. I haven't tasted macaroons yet.

Lots of love,

missklicious said...

Anon - I work at a small govt. department, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in one of their regional offices in Sydney. Hope that satisfies your curiosity!

Lily - Please buy me some too! =P hehe

Golden - They are quite popular at the moment here in Aus!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Wouldn't it be great is every day was macaron monday? :P

Anonymous said...

That sounds interesting! And yes it does haha.