Saturday, 21 August 2010

Mee's Sushi - Manuka, Canberra

I love Manuka as they have quite a variety of nice cafes, restaurants and a whole heap of shops selling pretty (but mostly useless) knick knacks.  It was also home to Manuka Fine Foods, until that closed down recently.

This weekend, simple and cheap Japanese was on the menu at Mee's Sushi, a hole in the wall type place that seems to have a never ending line during lunch.  The place is quite cramped and there aren't many seats inside, most people grabbed takeaway.

Hand rolls and sushi boxes - quite a variety including chicken teriyaki, chicken schnitzel, tempura prawn, salmon and avocado etc

Salmon box ($9.00) - Pretty generous with the salmon and avo, and quite nice, although I think I've been spoilt with copious amounts of Sydney Japanese food and it's probably not fair to compare. For Canberra though, I think it's a great place for a sushi fix.

Seafood ramen - was just basically instant noodles. Not good!

Crab claws and tempura prawn - lovely crunchy tempura batter

Mee's Sushi
Shop 4, 1 Flinders Way
Manuka ACT 2603


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

The salmon box looks pretty good but I don't really understand why some places use instant noodles in their ramen! :(

Anonymous said...

I go to Mee's for their sushi often, but I am not really a fan of any other items on the menu.

Using fresh noodles really isn't hard or expensive!

missklicious said...

Lorraine - I'm quite surprised that places use instant noodles! Especially disappointing since they cost like 50c to make at home. Grrr

Jess - I noticed that most people just went for the sushi rolls, which is a good idea for my next visit. I'll definitely steer clear of the ramen

Anonymous said...

hahaha, thats me behind the counter in the second picture! badass

missklicious said...

Anon - Hahah my apologies!