Saturday, 7 August 2010

Pink and fluffy

I should probably start a series on winter coats, seeing this season I've had so many!

This is the latest addition to the coat family, with fabric that was on sale. All up the materials for this coat total $80 or less.

Pink check fabric, bow pockets, faux fur buttons, and a lace waist band, which all sounds a bit much altogether, but I think it looks quite nice (very girly)

Buttons - made from pink faux fur fabric

Bow pockets - very cute! (and Alannah Hill-esque as per her coats and jackets for the Winter season)

Waist band - with little heart details, picked this up from Lincraft

Back view

Ballerina lining


Popcorn said...

that's really cute~
it never get cold enough where I live to buy these pretty winter coats. :(

I really like the bows!

Marjorie said...

Did you make this yourself? It is so adorable!

Lily said...

aw kawaii!! :) it looks so warm!

missklicious said...

Popcorn - That's a good thing, as it means you have lovely warm winter all year round! *jealous*

Marjorie - I wish I could say I'm talented enough to make it but unfortunately not! My mum made it, but I just input into what I wanted ie: the bow pockets etc

Lily - It's nice and warm =)

Liz said...
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Liz said...

What a cute jacket! I love the lining :D

juznie said...

aww your coat is so adorable and your mum in so talented!