Friday, 20 August 2010


A tidbits post where I just have a few things, but nothing in particular, to ramble about! 

This is what happens when I go grocery shopping:

I end up wandering through the various aisles ie: I go in to buy fruit and veg and come out with shampoo and hair treatments - I was sucked in by the lovely smelling shampoo, and my hair is in a sad state so it needed more treatments

The coconut milk serum is great so far, really smoothes my hair and makes me smell like I'm on a tropical island. WIN!

My new Alannah Hill cardi - it's really pretty IRL with shiny diamantes and beading, excuse the ugly lanyard, I forgot to take it off before taking this picture

Pretty sleeves

Dipstix @ Passionflower - These were great! Fresh and hot, with a generous dusting of cinnamon and dipping sauces with a twist. I chose pandan creme and black sesame creme (tastes more of cream than the actual flavours)

They also had a few other flavours to choose from - caramel, whipped cream, milk chocolate etc

I tried Salsas for the first time last week, and really enjoyed it! I had a chicken and 5 veg burrito and it was freaking massive - couldn't finish it, I wish they had more stores around though, I'd love to have burritos for weekday lunches


Anonymous said...

I love the cardigan, its super pretty!


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Nice AH cardi!The dipstix look like churros. Are they very similar? :)

Lala said...

What a great cardi! Wanna have this too ;)

You look sooo pretty :)

xoxo lala

come and visit me

missklicious said...

shineyglame - I love the pretty beading and details =)

Lorraine - Yes, they are basically churros with a fancy name, and a twist with the asian flavoured dipping sauces.

Lala - Thanks hun, the cardi is still on sale (if you are from Aus!) Will check out your site =)