Friday, 24 September 2010

Charming Singapore - Paris Bijoux

As I mentioned before in my Universal Studios post, we received vouchers for the retail shop.   I wasn't really interested in anything I saw at the shops, and thought I'd have to buy anything to use it up. Until I saw these...

Charms!!! With an awesome, huge range at reasonable prices too. It was heaven.

I wanted to buy heaps, but I ended up narrowing my choices down to 3 - ice cream, cocktail and something to remember my Singapore trip, the Merlion.

The Merlion

Icecream with colourful crystals - so cute!

Blue crystal cocktail, complete with straw and umbrella

In hindsight, I wish I had bought more.  I was a little hestitant to buy a lot since it was the first few days of my holiday and I thought I might find heaps of nice stuff later on, but I never ended up seeing Paris Bijoux again, and some internet research later, it seems that it's only available in Singapore. Damn.

I'll be sure to stock up on my next stopover there!


Anita said...

What cute charms! I love the ice cream one. :)

missklicious said...

Anita - They had an amazing range of cute charms, much better than Thomas Sabo and the like!

Anonymous said...

They are now available in Jakarta, Indonesia too... :)