Friday, 17 September 2010

Food Republic - Vivocity, Singapore

After a day of sightseeing and Universal Studios, you would think that there wouldn't be any time for any retail therapy, would you? Vivocity was a nice detour back to the hotel. Rather than taking the free shuttle from Sentosa, we decided to catch the free train to Vivocity, and the MTR back to Orchard Road.

Vivocity - jam packed full of people since the favourite Singaporean past time appears to be shopping, and shopping centres are the best way to escape the searingly humid weather too. I didn't buy much in Singapore, as the prices are quite expensive compared to the shopping in Hong Kong. 

Food was definitely on the agenda though - and my mum and I loved exploring Food Republic, a neat hawker style food court, with heaps of food stalls and ladies pushing around drink carts

I think it's a really cool idea, and wish we had a food court like this in Australia! Loved exploring what all the different stalls had to offer - noodles, satay, desserts, basically anything you can think of...

Slices of fruit, and various other goodies for sale, along with my favourite drink in Singapore, young coconut!

Fresh fruit juices

One of the many stalls - some had crazy long lines (which can only mean they are good!)

Kueh stall

BBQ stall

Toast box - selling coffee and kaya toast

Cool 'old school' decor

Combination plate of various fish cakes and tofu

Doesn't look that great, but was pretty tasty! Loved the silky smooth fish balls

And of course had to wash it down with yummy young coconut - so sweet and awesome, I could drink a few of these with a meal

In search of some dessert

Some hot dessert offerings

That's my order in the making, I'm sure you can all guess what it is!

Ice Kachang of course! A monstrous colourful tower

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