Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Rose Veranda - Shangri-La, Singapore

There were so many dining options that sounded fantastic in Singapore, that it was *really* hard to narrow it down.  I narrowed the high tea choices down from The Rose Veranda and The Tiffin Room. I suppose you can't compare the two as The Raffles is a legendary Singapore icon, but in the end, location won out (I'll be back to visit the Tiffin Room next time!)

The Rose Veranda is located on the Mezzanine level of the Shangri-La and has lovely decor. Since it was the weekend, the place filled up quite quickly and was a full house by the time we settled in our seats.

Love that everything has a touch of rose, including:

The napkins

Beautiful teacup and saucer

The Rose Veranda menu

High tea choices - I think they had an amazing 200 blends of teas to choose from, which is mainly what their bookish menu consisted of

Fantastic in depth descriptions of each tea - I chose the Royal Orchid Tea, but the real winner was my mum's choice called The Shangri-La blend, it was an amazingly fragrant white peach blend, so good!

Since it was the weekend, their international high tea buffet was on offer:

My first plate - roast duck from the roast duck carving station they had, sashimi from the Japanese section, saffron rice and a selection of sandwiches

2nd plate - more of that awesome rice with some curry, mixed vegetables, a pot of shepherd's pie (yum!) and a mini foccacia 

There were quite a number of hot dishes too, including lamb and beef medallions in red wine sauce

Colourful dessert selection - they had a great variety of kueh which I was happy to indulge in!

More of the same

They even had a laksa station which was pretty cool, was only average tasting though

More desserts, including soursop pudding, tiramisu and chocolate + pistachio cake

A mango and mint shot

My fave counter... desserts!!

The Rose Veranda use TWG teas too, and we tried to hunt down that beautiful Shangri-La tea, but they didn't have any available for sale that day

I loved staying at the Shangri-La partly due to the fact that they had beautiful flowers scattered all over the place <3

The Rose Veranda
Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
258350 Singapore


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Woah, look at that rainbow kuih! Psychadelic =p

missklicious said...

Haha, that was the main reason I chose it! Rainbow!!