Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Bits and pieces - Zara, Anna Sui, Pull & Bear, Forever New

My favourite store to shop in whilst I was overseas was Zara. I'd make a beeline for it every time I spotted one - whether I was in Singapore, Hong Kong or Macau (didn't get a chance to when I was in Shanghai)

Bird print skirt - I bought this mainly for the adorable print, it also came in a blouse version too

Close up of the bird print

Paired with my newly purchased navy star tights

Starry night

Butterfly ring set from Anna Sui - she stocks the most adorable jewelry ever. It's a shame I can't seem to find any online, as there were so many nice earrings and necklaces in her boutique

If you spend over $2000 HKD, they even have a tourist promotion where you get 10% off!

Pearl necklace purchased in Suzhou - known for their silks and pearls

Zara tee - they had such a great selection of tees with funny and cute prints

I discovered international chain Pull & Bear in Singapore, and fell in love with this cardi/top that I didn't purchase.  Luckily I managed to track it down in Macau

Little birdy print.  It's got 3/4 sleeves and looks better worn as a top instead of as a cardi, the little pockets have a bow on top too.

These two following tops were bought before my holiday from Forever New:

A pretty simple pink tank top with flowers on the side

Marle grey tank - I wore this throughout my holiday, the material is really soft and I love the bows on the neckline!

Another Zara buy, love heart print jumper, I also have a cardi version with this print

Can't wait until Zara opens in Sydney! 

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