Monday, 4 October 2010

Floriade 2010

Floriade is the annual flower festival held in Spring every year in Canberra.  

This year's visit falls on the Labour Day long weekend and the place is bustling even though the skies look weary and grey, threatening to rain.

The flowers were beautiful this year, with lovely shades of purple and pinks taking centre stage.

I didn't stay too long due to the crowds and the weather, but I did do a little round of the stalls and picked up a pair of earrings from the Marie B stall I purchased from last year.

See last year's Floriade post here

Floriade is held until Sunday the 10th of October at Commonwealth Park.


sugarpuffi said...

ohh the Floriade!! how i miss that. i havent been to one since 10 years old! i just vividly remember the vibrant colours and beautiful tulips. i think im gonna miss it again this year (only 3 days left). next year ill go...i promise

missklicious said...

Yeah! You'll definitely have to check it out next year =D