Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hong Kong Makeup Haul - Nail decals, Fibrewig & Anna Sui

It seems like such a long time since I was overseas, but I still haven't finished all my posts! 

Most of the following items were purchased on my last day in Hong Kong, in a mad rush at Harbour City and then duty free at the airport.

Cute 3D nail stickets - cherries, roses & bows

Flower nail decals - they look like real flowers with the intricate detailing, but are made out of paper thin material!

Since I've heard so many rave reviews about Fibrewig mascara, I had to pick one up.

False eyelash tape - haven't tried this out yet, so not sure if it's a good alternative to lash glue or not

Anna Sui makeup haul

I love her OTT packaging with flowers, butterflies and the whole lot!

I bought two shadows - a pretty lilac shade, and a bronze colour

Mirror mirror...

With a lip palette inside

Because I bought 2 items from the current collection, I got this free pretty makeup case, I love it!

It's massive enough to fit a good portion of my makeup in, and it's got gorgeous rainbow pastel flowers all over it, and pretty Anna Sui zips <3


juznie said...

Nice haul, always love Anna Sui packaging. Please let us know if the fiberwing mascara is worthy of the hype!

AnnaYJia said...

nice haul !!! Can't wait for your review of Fiberwig ! ^^

OohLookBel said...

Love the freebie bag - I wish Anna Sui was still sold here.

Indie.Tea said...

I used to buy Anna Sui makeup, but its become so hard to find in the U.S. lately. And its so pretty, and even smells nice. Your Anna Sui stuff looks so nice...