Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Innocence, Beware! from MAC Venemous Villians Collection - Swatch

I am officially in love with this lipstick.  

A light yellow pink/nude colour, it goes on really well as it's quite creamy.

It's a nice nude colour that is wearable and sheer, not too OTT

Speaking of MAC, I went back last weekend to see what else I could score from the Venomous Villians collection only to find out that almost everything in every store I've been to is sold out! Even in Canberra. Eeek.


黃愛玲 said...

You look stunning. Lovely lipstick. =o)

May @ Rad said...

awww.. that looks nice! I wanted one but it was sold out.. I only managed to get two nail polishes- bad fairy and "mean and green"

missklicious said...

Thank you =)

May - I wish I bought some of the polishes! They look gorgeous in the swatches. I went back to buy them but they were sold out. Bummer.