Thursday, 7 October 2010

Jika Udon - Hong Kong

Jika Udon is a chain store in Hong Kong that specialises in udon noodles.  It's still quite early for a Friday night and lines have already formed to get a table for this place.  We grab a ticket and watch the staff make the udon noodles with a very nifty looking gadget through the glass window.

A menu to browse at whilst waiting - they have the typical Japanese dishes on offer, but their main dish is different varieties of udon, hot or cold

Typical Japanese plastic food display - a 3D menu of sorts!

After a good 20 minutes or so, we finally score a table!

It's hot and humid outside so this cold chicken salad udon goes down a treat, with refreshing cold chicken pieces sitting atop udon with lettuce and a tangy mayo sauce

Baked mushrooms - they seem to love the cherry tomato garnish!

Another cold udon, this one is sitting on ice

With a side of tempura

Beef udon - the udon noodles were quite nice, with a bit of springiness to them

I love how there are so many cheap and tasty food options in Hong Kong...I wish the food chain stores were half as good here in Aus, can we swap Wagamama for something else? =P

Various locations in Hong Kong


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Haha, I've never eaten at Wagamama because everyone keeps telling me not to!

Lil said...

I wish we had better and more authentic Japanese restaurants in Sydney. I don't know which ones to try for fear of wasting my time/money at a crappy place!

discoremixx -♥ said...

OMG THE UDON SALAD LOOKS INCREDIBLY SCRUMPTIOUS! I love udon! An udon restaurant is actually my dream come true :33. They need to open up shop here!

Ahh how's your Innocence, Beware lippie from VV? I'm thinking long and hard about it. It's sold out on the MAC website and I don't know.. I'm a big cheapie and hesistant about paying MAC at Aussie retail price!

missklicious said...

Rita - I've only eaten it at the airport once, and never again!

Lil - I know what you mean! We have quite a good selection, but there are more exxy places than the cheaper places! It'd be great to have a range

discoremixx - The udon salad was fantastic, especially cos the weather was so hot! I wish we had one here. Well there is Mappen, but they don't have as big of a range!

I love the Innocence, Beware lippie. It's so gorgeous in real life, I've been wearing it for the past few days. I know what you mean about the Aus RRP though, but if it's one or two items, I say get it! Otherwise do a big haul from the US