Monday, 18 October 2010

Lingshan Brahma Palace - Wuxi, China

The first stop on my recent six day China trip, after touching down at Nanjing Airport, was Wuxi - a city situation between Nanjing and Shanghai, in the Jiangsu Province. 

Our plane was delayed from Hong Kong, so a few hours were lost on the first day.  We had an early dinner (they have dinner around 5pm!) and went back to the hotel to recharge for the early start the next day.

One of the many beautiful buildings at Lingshan (灵山)

Lingshan Grand Buddha (灵山大佛) - this Buddha is a standing statue, and is 88 metres high, making it one of the biggest statues in the world

It was a rainy day unfortunately, but luckily there was transport in golf buggy type carts from the entrance to the Brahma Palace (梵宫) 

I was amazed by the intricate details on some of the temples

The grey skies actually turned out nicely in the pics (this is said in hindsight though, as I was cursing the rain on the day, as you do when you are on holidays and it rains!)

Outside of the Brahma Palace - parts of it were under construction during our visit, hence why I didn't take any pictures of the whole building

Intricate carvings inside the Brahma Palace.  Before we entered, we had to put covers on our shoes to protect their pristine floors

Wood carvings with crazy amounts of detail

These wood carvings were everywhere I looked on the walls

Ceilings with an insane amount of detail

The Brahma was only recently built, in 2008 

I was in awe after walking through the main exhibition hall at the Brahma Palace, the amount of detail and effort that must have gone into constructing this place is unbelievable!



WOAH, that looks AMAZING.

juznie said...

Amazing photos, the detail on the carvings is incredible!

missklicious said...

DICTASHION - It was amazing! Almost surreal.

juznie - It's crazy how they can make something with so much detail!

Chanhonghan said...

Thanks for this. Was there in September 2011 and your description and photos have saved me time of writing my diary, ta