Tuesday, 5 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villians Collection

MAC's Venomous Villians Collection came out on the Labour Day public holiday, yesterday.  Featuring the Disney's fabulous villians including Cruella De Vil, from 101 Dalmatians, Snow White's Evil Queen, Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent and Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog.

Snow White's Evil Queen

I received a Myer voucher for 10% full priced items for the Canberra City store, so it was a great excuse to purchase some goodies from this collection:

My Venomous Villians stash

Her Alter Image eyeshadow from the Evil Queen's collection

A pretty pearly lilac purple

Innocence, Beware! From the Cruella De Vil collection

A nice pale nude colour

Strange potion lipglass - a lovely coral gloss

Oh So Fair Beauty Powder

A really nice soft colour

Sleeping Beauty collection - My Dark Magic

This is probably my favourite from all my purchases - with pink and purple glitter throughout!

My haul - I quite liked a few other items, but wasn't sure if I'd get any wear out of them.  They sure look pretty though!


Ms Curious @ CCM said...

Nice haul! Surprising that so many of the colours are so neutral.

missklicious said...

The collection had a lot of darker colours, especially the Sleeping Beauty one with a purple lipstick etc I picked some of the less out there shades. Nice collection though!

Lily said...

the lipglass and the eye shadow look gorgeous! i'm still yet to purchase MAC in oz, because it's always ridiculously expensive, even with my staff discount card :\

panda said...

a rather adorable haul!! makes me want to do some shopping :)

missklicious said...

Lily - It's so ridiculously overpriced here in Aus, especially when the dollar is 97 cents! But I had a 10% card, and it was good to see the products in real life! If I get as many products from a collection next time, I will def buy from US

panda - Do it!! hehe Shopping is good in moderation ;)

Sandy said...

lovely haul from MAC. i got the innocence beware lipstick aswell. I love it so much. I'm thinking to purchase more!! :)

missklicious said...

Sandy - I've been wearing it for the last few days and I'm in love with it too! It's such a beautiful nude colour.