Monday, 25 October 2010

Macaron Madness @ Adriano Zumb- Rozelle, Sydney

It seems these days, everywhere I look, it's macarons galore.  Every little cafe, shop, market stall and restaurant are making their own versions.  I'm sure everyone has heard and read about Adriano Zumbo's macarons and other creations, you'd have to living under a rock not to!

I've been saying I'd go since 2008, but never have gotten around to trying them! Until now. Mainly due to the crazy parking stories, but since they opened the Rozelle store, parking seems a bit easier to find around the new store.

My precious package

I bought one of each flavour on offer, unfortunately they were all jammed into this box and some of them were crushed and broken. Sad face.

Finger bun - I loved this one <3 The filling was exactly like a real finger bun!

Macaron stack

My stash - I can't name all the flavours, but they included blackened vanilla, mont blanc, coconut & pineapple

After polishing all these off, I'm a little over macarons.

Bought some pastries for breakfast too - Apricot danish

And vanilla Sugar Lips - cute name!

114 Terry St
Rozelle NSW 2039


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

YUM. So many pretty coloured macarons. Finger bun flavour sounds delish! Although I think I gained a kilo or two just by looking at this post haha.

missklicious said...

I think I gained 5 kilos just by eating all these X_X haha overload!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

So many pretty macarons! Reminds me a little of make-up actually...hehe =p