Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sweet Sunday @ The Old Bus Depot Markets - Kingston, Canberra

Last Sunday I made a trip to the Old Bus Depot Markets. The first stop was to get some of those lovely nuts from the Bateman's Bay Roasting Company - my flavours of choice for 3 for $12 were caramel, honey and wasabi + seaweed macadamias. Yum!

After getting my nuts haul, it was the obligatory walk around and seeing what treats were on offer.

I love mini versions of everything and these tarts were no exception. How can you resist flavours such as pecan, almond berry, mango frangipane, and so on?


The large versions of the tarts mentioned, but I only had my eyes on the minis

$5 for 3 and so 3 I chose!

Raspberry coconut tart

Apricot tart

Mango frangipane tart

These little tarts were delightful - with a buttery base and plenty of fruit, very moist (ick, I hate that word! But nothing quite describes it the same)

I couldn't resist the mini cupcakes either...




Cuteness overload!

I also went up to the homemade arts section and found a pretty skirt from a stall I've seen a few times I've been at the markets. It's so pretty! Will post pics soon.

Kingston Foreshore, ACT


Charlie said...

the cupcakes look so cute! ^^ will check back for pictures of the new skirt, yey! :)

xxx Charlie

missklicious said...

Aww thanks =) The skirt is really pretty, you'd probably like it!