Friday, 15 October 2010

Yum Cha @ Kapok Cantonese Restaurant - Taipa, Macau

My favourite yum cha place in Macau was closed for renovations during my short visit, so since we were in Taipa, a yum cha trip at Kapok was in order. 

Taipa, along with Coloane (home of the Lord Stow bakery in my previous post) make up the two islands of Macau, and is easily reached these days since there are so many bridges connecting the islands to Macau Peninsula.

Luckily we arrived early for lunch time as the place filled up quickly (as is the case with most of the yum cha places in Hong Kong & Macau!)

The staple yum cha item - Siu Mai 

Fish cakes


Scallop Cheung Fun

Spring rolls

Abalone Ham Shui Gwok

Kapok Cantonese Restaurant
60 Rua Hong Chau
Taipa, Macau
Ph: + 853-2883-3333


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Abalone ham sui gok - fancy! But can you actually taste it in there?

missklicious said...

It was different to the usual ham sui gok, but wasn't strong in abalone flavour. Actually, the filling was a bit on the stingy side!