Thursday, 11 November 2010

Cure for Dumpling Craving + Fashion purchases - Minkpink & Ladakh

Last week I had a major craving for some carby dumpling goodness, and so Taste of Shanghai at World Square was on the agenda. Previous posts here & here

Lychee frappe

These hit the spot - so soupy and delicious!

Shallot pancakes - these not so much, they were floury and tasted odd, my favourite is still at Chef's Gallery

I always have to order noodles whenever I'm at a Shanghainese restaurant, and this time was no exception either =D

Pan fried buns - nice but so very filling, I was at carb overload by this point!

And just a few new purchases:

My new favourite store - Chica Booti, I'd seriously never stepped foot in this store before until last week! Argh. It's an awesome store with cheap + pretty dresses and tops, for around $10! Bargain.

I also stocked up on some shorts for my summer wardrobe - blush Ladakh shorts

It came with this cute heart print belt

Minkpink shorts

Minkpink Pretty in Pink skirt

Love the floral print and the pink colour + it's so flouncy =D

I'm off to Canberra this weekend! With loads of nice eats planned - what's on the radar for your weekend?


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I like flouncy, haha!

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

love that last skirt, it's soso pretty! love the print and the fabris and shape looks so lightweight and airy!

xxx Charlie

Little Poppy said...

Adore that last mink pink skirt!! and oh gosh, I only discovered chicabooti last week as well (i don't think we have any in brisbane) but it is awesome! great clothes at such a reasonable price, i bought heaps of dresses and skirts hehe xo

Lily said...

i love the minkpink skirt :) pretty!

missklicious said...

Rita - hehe, I like flouncy too! (is it even a proper word?)

Charlie - Yeah, perfect for spring/summer!

Little Poppy - hehe, same, I was like OMG can't believe I've never stepped in here before!

Lily - Thanks =D