Wednesday, 3 November 2010

OPI Swatch - Purple with a Purpose

Purple with a Purpose is a pretty, rich purple colour.

One coat

Two coats

Like most OPI polishes, it glides on well and looks fab with 2 coats


panda said...

very pretty! and let me just say how well you do your nails - I'm absolutely hopeless and usually my painted nails look quite terrible close up!

Lil said...

Omgsh that's a gorgeous colour.
And ditto above.
A few days ago, I painted my nails before a party and smushed a finger. I had to improvise with a stick on jewel to hide it because I had no time to fix it! ><

missklicious said...

panda - Aww, thanks! I think it's all due to a good polish and a steady hand. I have no trouble painting my own nails, but am always shaky when painting someone else's for some reason!

Lil - Haha, I sometimes do that too! If I accidentally mark a nail before it dries, I'll just stick one of those nail stickers over the top and voila! It works great.