Thursday, 16 December 2010

Afternoon Tea Time @ Adore Tea - Federation Square, Canberra

Adore Tea is becoming my fast favourite place in Canberra to go for a nice relaxing escape for afternoon tea - they have fantastic opening hours (til 8pm on most days!) and the staff are so friendly and helpful.

This time we bagged a nice spot outside - they've got a helpful system whereby they stick a little sheet on all the tables that are booked and a note with the time that it's booked for etc

This time I tried the creme brulee tea and it was creamy, rich and delicious - tasted exactly like the dessert!

Chocolate charlotte - layers of ganache and hazelnut sponge with mandarin segments and mandarin tea jelly - very decadent! The lovely mandarin segments and cooling jelly helped cut through the richness of the cake though, very nice!


jamie-lee said...

ummm yummy! i can see why it's a fave of yours x

missklicious said...

jamie-lee - yeah, it's a great place, thanks for stopping past hun!