Friday, 10 December 2010

Australia Pavilion - World Expo 2010, Shanghai

My blog posts are so behind when it comes to my holiday and China posts - not to worry though, these are almost the last of them!

I actually went to the World Expo in Shanghai for 2 days - the first day was during the afternoon/evening just to basically have a look around and see which pavilions we wanted to go to etc, and the next day was a full day.  I braced myself due to hearing the horror stories about the crowds and it was all true - China crowds are horrific and was even more magnified at World Expo. 

The big tin shed

I didn't have my Aussie passport with me, so attempted to get through without lining up with my driver's license - the security gave me the third degree and thought it was a fake license as apparently 'lots of people have tried to get through with fake ID' and gave me a lecture on whether I knew if my license was fake, he could confiscate it. 

I totally didn't expect that, so I was quite flustered and he asked me questions like 'Where did you go to high school' and then said I looked nervous and accused me of lying! Crazy.  He still ended up letting me through though, don't know why though if he thought I was lying - guess he ended up losing a bit of his Aussie spirit in China!

Anyway, I managed to get a few pics even though we were being pushed through like sardines:

Pretty abstract looking coral and fish

I thought this was quite cute, tells the story of Captain Cook etc through cartoony characters

We were then ushered into a circle arena where they had a show:

And then back out to the shop and dining.  They also had a live band playing up the top

Check out the abalone burger!


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WOWWWW, that looks amazing! Omg you're lucky you have your ID... I can't get into clubbing without a learners licence... and I don't have one yet!! I can't even use my school ID :(

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Vivian said...

that's so awesome abstract art.

missklicious said...

Dictashion - I just use my licence for my ID, you should get a 18+ card!

Vivian - Yeah, was quite cool, it had different colour lights etc

Agnes said...

Abalone burger! Weird - I'm guessing you didn't try it? :)

missklicious said...

Agnes - Nope! As tempting as it sounded, I didn't try it :P