Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas is approaching already?

Eeek. Where did the year go?

I had my team Christmas party last week at the local sports club restaurant - the food was actually pretty nice, no pics though :P

My Christopher Hanlon pack came in the mail too - this was from the Strand VIP night and has all kinds of creams and a pearl scrub that I can't wait to try!

Pretty dress from Forever New 

AH skirt

Love it! I managed to find this at the outlet with a faulty zip for $89, when the week before I still saw it at The Strand for full price! 

A few more outlet buys:

I won this from Penguin Books - looks amazing and just in time for some Christmas inspiration

Couldn't resist getting Toy Story 3 - haha I'm such a kid -_-

And Harvest Moon - I'm so keen for the new DS to come out! 


Lily said...

gorgeous gorgeous skirt

missklicious said...

Thanks Lily!

Anonymous said...

How much is the AH skirt and where to buy? :O

missklicious said...

Anon - I bought it at the outlet for $89, but that was with a broken zip. Otherwise it's around $129 from memory - that's discounted.

I've also seen this skirt still at the Strand store for full price - $249 I think