Sunday, 5 December 2010

Handmade Markets

Yesterday was the Handmade Markets Upmarket at the Kamberra Winery site - luckily the rain held out as it was an outdoors market!

Outfit of the day - Alannah Hill dress and Forever New gold flower buckle belt

The Handmade markets had so many stalls with the most amazing things - I was in awe of all the creative, beautiful things each and every stall had on offer

I really wanted one of these gingerbread houses, so cute with little heart shaped windows, and adorable santa, snowmen and reindeers! 

My purchases from the markets:

Waterproof bag to stash my make up - I couldn't go past this cutesy macaron print! How cool is it?

Lilac rose earrings with key and padlock from Rockstar and Royalty

I also picked up this bracelet

And these gorgeous earrings

And not from the Handmade Markets, but I thought I'd show you the mug I bought from Adore Tea:

Little Red Riding Hood mug with infuser, very cute!


Lily said...

wow all handmade! i liek this market!

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

love that market place! and all the things you've picked are so lovely!

xxx Charlie
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Kat said...

omg, those animal skeleton frames are dope! and the mug is adorable!


missklicious said...

Lily - It was a great market, I loved it!

Charlie - Thanks lovely =)

Kat - They had the coolest artwork there!